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Believe without limit, 
this is the key to success!

My First Steps

My wife is a Christian, and at the very beginning, I went to church backwards. I saw no interest in it, I was irritated that she spent so much time there but I accompanied her to worship on Sundays to please her. One day, December 29, 2019, my feast day, the pastor preached on time. I did not know it yet, but this term will remain engraved in me for a long time and until today. 

My meeting and my baptism

I met the Lord on January 27, 2021. I was sleeping, it was dark, there was a storm with a strong wind that woke me up and a voice said to me: “Jesus”. I woke up serene and with a smile on my face, I was relaxed.

Time (again) has made its way. At Easter, I had the opportunity to be baptized. I hesitated because we had to make the chocolates in Normandy (with my in-laws). I challenged God, "If I need to be baptized, do something."

The same evening, our President of the Republic banned travel in the region following Covid 19. The light turned green to have me baptized at this time.  On the day of my baptism, on April 4, 2021, I came out of the water, and I heard: “Have no limits, no borders.”

Consequence of my obedience

I was therefore called by God to write Christian poems, precisely 11 collections of 777 poems  in total. The book is called: The lights of David. Through my writings, I announce the Gospel.

My future, His plans

Although I don't know all of his plans, I do know that I have to travel. Today, the Ivory Coast (I have to go there soon) and the Congo open their arms to me. I therefore have neither limits nor borders, as the Holy Spirit told me on the day of my baptism. 

In conclusion, I am well aware that by our own strength we cannot accomplish much. That's why I encourage you to let go, and in time, he will take care of you as he should.

If you want more details do not hesitate to contact me. 

To come and testify, share, encourage, evangelize in France and abroad.

Remember: “Believing without limits is the key to success!” 


God bless you !


David, the Evangelist of Light

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